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I am the road warrior

I don't know what this turtle image has to do with KHAAAAAAAAN!

XKCD is always good

Not Funny:

Not MY baby of the year, boy that's sad

An earthquake off Taiwan has damaged some undersea cables and internet access in the much of eastern asia is slow.

I had a skype conference scheduled for tonight, but maybe we'll do that next week instead. Or maybe we'll get by with text chat instead. I don't think voice is going to be good for weeks.

Geeky Funny:

I didn't understand what "Replicator Repairman" had to do with anything until I read it. I'm not geeky enough to actually follow Star Trek, unfortunately. But I forwarded to some who are, geeky enough I mean.


Tony Karon on why Jimmy Carter is right in relating Israel and Apartheid, very insightful and informative. Surprising, out of a liberal ;-)

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