Well, don't do that then

Well, don't go there then.

I certainly won't, anyway. Of those who do go anyway, likely only a few will experience this. But they did make the choice to go to the U.S. of Atrocity. I wonder whether they'll learn how bad an idea that was, or just decide it was all a mistake.


Timmy nighttime ritual

We read to timmy at night, before he has his milk and goes to sleep. And we always play his nighttime music. This time, he was excited by the camera and we didn't get to read as much as we usually do since he kept playing to the camera.

The music is from Rita Baloche's, Bless My Little Boy. It's great lullaby music. Some songs have christian themes, others don't. Overall, a great gift to mothers of sons, highly recommended.

Well, if the sons are boys. I don't think it would have the desired effect if the sons are teenagers or older :-).

Timmy slide

One of those days was sunny, and the other, uhhh, haily. On the sunny day (Saturday, I think), we went down to the mall. Along the way we passed by the playground and, among other things, timmy went on the slide.

Timmy icecream

Timmy had ice cream that weekend. With bananas. Bananas are his favorite food, and now ice cream is too.


We had hail and sort-of-snow two weeks ago. I forget which day it was, but it was either the 9th or the 10th of August. I think it was the 10th, Sunday.

Sol, Mamang and Timmy were very excited since it was their first experience with snow. Timmy didn't really know what the big deal was, but he was excited because the rest of us were.


As if I needed another reason

Yet another reason to never visit the United States of Assholes. Sick of cancer, spine fractured, allowed to die in pain because he couldn't stand in line for painkillers. And no one will be punished, because this is policy now, practically, in U.S. immigration..

Shining city upon a hill. A beacon of arrogance, and selfishness. Torturing and killing civilians. And proud of it.


No direct debit

I received quite the shocking bill today. The telco bill for landline and broadband arrived and it was for NZ$285. That's about 3 months of bills plus late charges. I *knew* that I'd set up direct debit with the telco. And when I looked at my bank statements (online), there were payments to the telco for two months, April and May (which were for March and April respectively). No payments in Jun or July though.

I called the telco and they have no record of direct debit authorization though. Now, I have direct debit with the power company, and with the satellite TV company, but not with the telco, apparently. I think they lost my direct debit authorization. I know I've sent it to them. But it's a big company. Things get lost. I don't care too much about it. I've just paid the bill and will now remember to pay the bill every month :-).

In case I forget, I've got a repeating reminder that'll email me of the payment schedule :-).


Vanity Plates

I know what I want my vanity plate to be, when I get a vanity plate (which is likely to be never, but it doesn't hurt to broadcast my intent early).


I think only 6 letters/digits are allowed in New Zealand. If 7 are allowed, then of course, DUM8455 :-).

Heh, I think DUM845 is actually a regular plate number, so if it isn't already taken, maybe I can request it and not pay a premium for the vanity plate.


What esprit de corp? Honor? what's that?

A female soldier is raped, beaten, burned, and shot. The U.S. army calls it suicide.

Where is your honor now? What kind of army would try to hide a crime like this? And if they hide rape and murder of their own, how many rapes and murders are they responsible for EVERY DAY, that will never be prosecuted?

America, a nation of ignorant ostriches, paying taxes through the nose so that its military can brutalize millions. And giving away billions, so that its allies can brutalize *their* millions.