foiled by foiling morons

I don't understand why someone might want to spend $25 and an hour or two to completely wrap someone else's workstation and gear in tinfoil.

It's a waste of money. Sure, that's not a lot to an american, but it's many day's salary in the third world and this guy is throwing it away just so he can have someone else waste his time taking the foil off and throwing it away.

I don't remember the last prank played on me. It doesn't happen often since I'm just no fun about them. I ignore the prank, ignore the prankster, throw away the props (possibly in the personal space or on the person of the prankster) and move on. I don't get mad, I just ignore everything and coldly handle the situation since i don't want to make them enjoy the situation, and I don't want to waste any emotional (or any other kind of) energy on it either.

It's cold, I know, but I like it that way. It saves time, and (after the first prank or two), embarrassment on the part of the prankster.

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