Attention to detail matters

Bush has been putting money into bin-Laden's pocket.

After invading Afghanistan, Bush didn't pay attention to the details. Instead, he cast around for another country to attack. Fortunately, he's a bit stuck in the sand and might not be able to add yet another country to his list before he leaves office.

Just as with Katrina, and with 9/11, Bush wasn't paying attention to the details. In focusing on one big thing, and then another big thing, he lost sight of the opium. Afghanistan has been a source of opium for centuries, and of heroin, for a century. The Taliban had done a good job of keeping opium poppy production down and Afghan opium production was at all-time lows when Bush attacked Afghanistan.

Since Bush wasn't paying attention, opium growing has become the national industry and heroin prices in Europe are a third of what they were a few years ago. Much of that money is going to Taliban and Al Qaeda. If bin-Laden had the funds to pay for a jihadi airline attack on New York and the Pentagon, he now has the funds to buy the airplanes themselves, fill them up with whatever he wants (I'd suggest LSD and cocaine) and dive bomb the White House, finally giving the President all the drugs he's ever wanted but has been repressing his desires so badly that he's needed to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians to forget his pain.

This is what happens when an incompetent is elected to high office. As head of the most powerful government on earth, there is still incalculable mischief that incompetent son-of-a-bitch can do. I hope he doesn't nuke Iran. Wouldn't be surprised if he does though. Or tries, and someone from the military finally shoots his fool head off.

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