It's not just the Israelis

An American private contractor (i.e., mercenary) fired on Iraqi vehicles and passengers for fun (or for some sort of psychological pleasure)

To their credit, two of his companions reported the incident. On the other hand, there is no case filed, no one is in detention (as far as the report indicates) and no one in the U.S. military command has met with the whistleblowers to determine the facts.

Perhaps with the report, there will finally be some action. This seems to be par for the course for the U.S. military in Iraq. They only investigate when a scandal blows up in the news. Everything else gets buried. Of course, the military is busy with whatever their job might be in Iraq. But allowing the insurgency this ammunition (first by not controlling their men sufficiently, and then letting issues go until they blow up in the news) is incompetent. Haditha, where the initial report was clearly a lie, U.S. military throwing Iraqis off bridges and not caring enough to see if anyone died,kidnapping innocent women and children to force their brothers, husbands and brothers to turn themselves in, pointing guns at old Iraqi women and telling her they will fire, in English, impoverishing a country by blockade, leaving it with terrible infrastructure through bombing through lack of resources to build or fix anything, and then invading it and destroying what's left, and reconstructing so that the electric power situation is now many times worse than when they left, or even, after a few months after they invaded. A few months after invasion, parts of Baghdad still had 4 hours of electricity a day, this is down to 1 hour or less a day, after years of occupation and hundreds of millions spent by U.S. carpetbagger contractors and their mercenaries (sent to protect and support the carpetbaggers, but apparently shooting up Iraqis for fun too).

That last link is a pretty good summary article too (I only link to it because it was one of the first links google brought up).

Given the pattern, by the U.S. military, of ignoring massacres and civilian deaths until it blows up in the media, it is pretty clear that there are multiple civilian deaths and maimings every day inflicted by the U.S. military and the U.S. doesn't care about any of it (that's the U.S. military, the U.S. government, and the U.S. civilian population, none of them care).

I had hoped that the U.S. would merely be able to leave Iraq and go on with their lives, without victory, but without individual dishonor (except for their chickenhawk warleaders whose personal dishonor should be remembered for eternity, at least by Americans so that lessons are learned). With these atrocities coming to light (and the thousands dead from unreported atrocities, however), it's almost time to hope that the U.S. leaves in defeat and national dishonor and that they learn their lesson and stay home for a hundred years (as the germans will stay home for a thousand, or forever).

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