U.S. Army kidnaps Iranian diplomats

The U.S. military in Iraq has kidnapped Iranian diplomats without the knowledge or consent of the Iraqi government, with whome those diplomats were talking.

So the U.S. doesn't respect the Iraqi government (OK, we knew that), doesn't respect international law (a bit of a surprise, the U.S. government usually tries to follow the letter, although they'll do all they can to strong-arm the letter into a form they like), kidnaps an Iranian diplomat who was at a mosque to pray for his mother who had recently died (the U.S. didn't have anything to do with the death, probably).

Are those diplomats going to be returned to the Iranian embassy or are they going into one or another American gulag, there to be tortured?

Looks like George W Bush flexing his muscles there, breaking laws along the way, as is his style, and trying to start a war with Iran all at the same time. Time to buy oil futures right now. $200/barrel, here we come.

Oh, good news. The U.S. government released the diplomats. OK, hold on the oil futures. There might still be a war, or certainly an increase in the temperature of the insurgency as the Iranians let go of some of their frustrations. But no war yet, probably, unless the U.S. starts one in the next few months.

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