Timmy walking -- long

Timmy has been walking for a few months now. We'd get Timmy to walk alone (from me to sol or the other way) but it took a lot of cajoling to get him to walk by himself. Recently though, (when we got back from our New Year's trip to Cagayan de Oro) he suddenly gained a lot of confidence and started walking by himself. Following is a compilation of Timmy walking alone videos.


NZ slowly

I just went and added a whole bunch of NZ blogs to my bloglines account. It's a bit less than a month before we fly out to NZ. Time to get acquainted with events and culture. I'm only looking at tech, employment and business/investment blogs for now. I may add a political blog or so, but that's not going to be interesting for me until I'm over there, so there's no hurry with political blogs. Commentary on culture and society though, I'm definitely looking for.