On to Camiguin

Moving on from The flight to CDO, resting in CDO and the trip to balingoan, we took the ferry to Camiguin. From the balingoan pier,

Camiguin always has that halo of clouds covering the tops of the 7 volcanoes on the island. The picture isn't very clear because, well, the camera guy isn't very good at taking long distance landscapes and the camera only has 5x optical zoom.

At close range, approaching Benoni pier, it's much prettier

Inching along to the pier, are more pretty views. And one rock which must still have a campaign poster on it from the last elections.

We didn't waste any time. We hired a multicab immediately at the pier and drove straight to CamiguinAction. Well, we dropped off my cousin Manny at Tita Mercy's house, and then drove straight onward.

CamiguinAction Geckos have found a local artist who will carve Geckos for them. The Geckos are reasonably priced and can be made available for sale to guests. Price depends on size, of course.

This one isn't for sale though, being the centerpiece of the resort restaurant :-)

The CamiguinAction owners collect these antique (well, circa 1930 or so) glass fishing net buoys. In a time without plastics, these blown glass balls are completely closed and were attached to nets to keep parts of the net above water. They could also be used as buoys.

The accomodations are lovely and very comfortable, we had a great time.

We stayed at a cottage. They've got very nice beach cottages for around $30 a night. The cottages don't have airconditioning, for the authentic feel. There's a ceiling fan, and standing electric fans are available on request. Since the cottages don't have airconditioning, there's a mosquito net that covers the bed. We didn't have a problem with mosquitos during our stay, but it's always a good idea to bring anti-mosquito cream and citronella based anti-mosquito things

There are also budget rooms ($7 a night) above the restaurant. I don't know what the charges might be for extra bed or mattress, but those budget rooms are a great option. My sister and Timmy's nanny stayed in budget rooms (no more cottages available) and they were very comfortable.

It's too bad I didn't think to take any pictures of the bathrooms either in the cottage or the shared bathrooms for the budget rooms. They're all very clean and comfortable. I had a great time in the bathrooms (and that's not something I usually boast about. at all :-). Some of that enjoyable time was the twice a day baths that Timmy had in our bathroom. He's great with baths, very calm and always enjoying the experience.

Our good friend Christian Asch manages the resort. He's also the PADI certified scuba diving instructor there. He's got a divemaster to help with large group dives but I didn't get to meet him this trip as he was on vacation.

Chris (in a former life, he was also nicknamed Diggi, which is what I still call him since it's more fun) would make a great, certainly a very loving nanny.

Except I think he doesn't quite realize that Timmy is doing his doody (i.e., doing number 2) when he's straining like that

We hadn't planned on diving on the first day, so we just rested. We were too lazy to go to Mambajao or anywhere else. There wasn't any reason to, really.

The bar and restaurant is a great place to relax. We didn't join this conversation though since it was entirely in German

That's Kevin, the son of one of the guests. Timmy would have played with him, but Timmy can't walk yet. Or stand. And he usually falls over when he sits, head top heavy :-)

The cottage has a desk on the balcony. There's another desk inside. I had my laptop on the inside desk, plugged in, ready to play Desktop Tower Defender, which I'd downloaded and then kept around in an open browser while my laptop was suspended (so the browser window was always available).

I thought the bamboo suspended from the string was just decorative, or maybe some tarpaulin was missing for protection from strong winds or something. The next day I saw our neighbors in the other cottages hanging bathing suits from them. And then I was enlightened.

Manang finally met Timmy


And the next morning was BEAUTIFUL

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