Diving Old Volcano and White Island

On our second day on Camiguin, we dived Old Volcano and White Island.

That's diggi our dive instructor and dive guide chatting with Philip, a dive instructor from Bohol.

We didn't get to take any pictures at Old Volcano because sol was carrying the camera and, having been away from diving for more than a year, diggi saw that she was having troubles with bouyancy and equalizing and he took the camera away (going back up to the surface to hand it to the boat crew) so that Sol would be able to concentrate on diving. That was certainly the right conservative decision to make. He could have handed me the camera though :-).

I always love the coral at White Island

I love the aquarium quality of White Island, and I like the simplest fish even more than the most extravagant or larger specimens, but the coral is really why one would dive White Island

And then there's the CLOWN fish

This was my best picture of the dive

The highlight of the dive (although pretty early into the dive) was the sea snake

And these were diggi's. Of course, they were also his only pictures of the dive. At the safety stop though, he decided he wanted to take some pictures of us, even having us scootch over to be closer and taking another.

There's that clown fish again, always a happy diver

And a view of White Island itself, a few hundred meters away from the fish sanctuary/dive site

I really like the CamiguinAction dive boat. It's big, fast, comfortable. A big change from the much smaller dive boats CamiguinAction used before they got this one about a year and half ago.

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