palm civets in the philippines!

I see that those notorious coffee beans that come out of monkey's butts don't actually come out of monkeys

Actually, the palm civet, which hand picks and eats the coffee beans, is more closely related to a mongoose than a monkey


The palm civet lives in the islands of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, the Philippines, Vietnam, and some coffee estates in south India.

So, is any Philippine coffee price-enhanced by this endemic animal? And if not, why not? Where is the capitalistic streak in filipinos? Perhaps overshadowed by the catholic or clean-freak streak in the culture? This is a lot of real damn money right here! We need to be passing coffee beans through captive palm civets!!! :-).

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JoeC said...

Thanks for the link! Nice site.
I read somewhere that they're trying (or already have?) come up with an artificially-created enzyme process to mimic real civet-butt coffee, but to be honest, I think half the fun (for the people that can afford that much fun...) is knowing their beans passed through a real ass. Who wants synthetic-butt coffee?!
Thanks again for the link,