Fuck You. Strong letter to follow.

I saw that on:


which is a rant on how George W Bush is trampling all over the US constitution. I was going to put it in my sig quotes, it's so perfect. Unfortunately, I think I might forget to elide when it randomly appears on email to someone sensitive.

On the other hand, fuck it, I'll put it in there anyway. Embarrassed recipients will live. Or learn something, if they follow the link.


Pride and Prejudice

Sol and I went to see Pride and Prejudice last night (Thursday). I've been sick the past few days, but I felt a bit better that night so we decided to go to Robinson's Galleria to see the film. I wanted to see the film since I love the book and I read the book once a year or so.

The movie is "based" on the book, and Keira Knightley is good as Eliza, but, as with all film adaptations, I didn't like the movie as well as I loved the novel. The scenes and dialogue are from the book, sure, but the film's pace is just too far from the book's. I know that it's necessary to speed things up for film, but they had things happening one thing right after another, without even an attempt at maybe indicating that there was a gap of a week or two between events.

There are other things I didn't feel were right too. But I'm too non-verbal tonight. And tomorrow I'll be too lazy.