home today - dizzy

I stayed home today instead of going to work. Partly it was because Sol had to go to a church function that was going to take the whole day and the early evening and we're between nannys, so I had to be home to help take care of Timmy. My mother-in-law is great with Timmy, but she can't (and shouldn't) be a full time nanny to Timmy.

Since I was home, and I'd taken my time about buying some medicine (Myonal) prescribed by my HMO doctor for back pain, I went ahead and bought that. I took one and experienced quick relief from the back pain. Unfortunately, it also made me a little dizzy and light headed. I think it's because I took it on an empty stomach. I'll take one more tomorrow, right after a meal and see how that works out. If I still get lightheaded, well, I'll have to stop taking it.


I saw something go by on TV today. On Prison Break, one of the fugitives is talking to an old man he met on the bus, he's not running from something, he's running toward something. And the old man says,

Hope is for people who do not already live in grace.

It's too bad I don't have that in the original spanish (they were in Mexico and speaking spanish).

Ah, OK. a little google search points me at Esperanza es para gente que vive sin gracia. . That's a forum, so it's long. Search for "Esperanza".

Now, see, I'm seeing other pretty lines (said in spanish they sound deep :-).

Viajando sin dinero es difĂ­cil. - Travelling without money is hard.

I don't know why that transcript has Sucre in English though. When I saw that episode that conversation was all in Spanish.

2007 Vacation - Cagayan de Oro and Balingoan Ferry

I know, we just went to subic and we go out of town every once in a while (less often now that timmy is around), but this year's big vacation was the 6-17Jun trip to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin.

It was timmy's first airplane ride and he was great

My parents' house in Cagayan de Oro has a great screened but wide open area for Timmy's morning sun greeting

We didn't have a perfectly fixed plan for Cagayan de Oro. We thought about taking a side trip to Davao, we love going there. We didn't do that though since the trip is very long, over the mountain, and we didn't want to find out how Timmy was going to handle a six hour bus ride. We thought we'd go to Duka Bay too, for some sun, sand and diving. We were enjoying lounging around in Cagayan de Oro though, and cancelled that. Originally we thought we'd stay two nights there. Then one night. Then a day trip. Then we didn't go. Next time, for sure.

We stayed in Cagayan for a several days so Timmy had a lot of chances to be charming.

After five days in Cagayan de Oro, we finally left for Camiguin. Sol and I have been looking forward to this trip for months and it was great to finally be on the move.

We left a bit early though, so Timmy was a bit out of sorts.

When we got to the ferry boat for Camiguin though, Timmy had recovered and was happy again.

On the way to Camiguin we didn't visit the farm at Balingoan. We planned to do that on the way back.

Balingoan is a quiet little port. There's a little island just off the pier at Balingoan. On certain days when the tide is very low, it almost seems as if you could walk over. It's also very common to point to that little island and say that's Camiguin. It confuses first timers.

The boat trip across to Camiguin takes an hour to an hour and a half (depending on direction of waves, weather, and maintenance of the ship you're on), so there were some photo-ops for Timmy.

The trip takes a while, and Timmy got sleepy



“Once you’re labeled a married man,” says my friend Julian, 36, a commercial director and Nakedfinger (or NF) who’s been married twelve years, “you’re deprived of the attention of numerous people who might have been interested in you. They fill in all these blanks before you can establish what you’re about. You become a stereotype. If you act removed, then you’re whipped, and if you’re friendly, even innocently, then they think you’re looking to cheat.” For the record, he says he hasn’t, though I’m not sure I believe him.

Men Who Don't Wear Wedding Rings

If I act removed, that's because I'm removed. If I act friendly, that's because I want to be friendly. If people want to stereotype me, that's fine, they're not insightful enough to be interesting or for me to care what they think.


subic outing - Election weekend

Q Software Research (QSR) has an annual outing for its consultants. Sol and I got to know each other when she and I coordinated and planned the 2004 outing to Cagayan de Oro (whitewater rafting, canopy walk, night cafe, marang) and Camiguin (Tarzan's, white island, round the island tour, katibawasan falls, ardent hot springs, santo nino cold spring pool, etc). I've got pictures of a lot of that. I need to post those pictures sometime.

This year we went to Subic and stayed at a hotel.

We're all getting much more sedate and civilized in our old age.

We enjoyed the hotel a lot. It wasn't five star, but we're not five star types anyway.

Timmy got a lot of sun on the beach:

Of course there were breaks from the sun too,

Timmy wakes up too early for me sometimes.

And then he gets a bath.

It's sufficiently convenient now to upload images to photobucket and to add them to this blog that I'd do a lot more of it tonight, but I'm rerunning my program to auto-convert all our pics to blog and upload friendly sizes and there are enough images that I might as well go to bed. It'll be done tomorrow.

OK, converting completed in an hour and a half. Midnight now though, I'll do more photoblogging tomorrow instead of tonight.


lost dog

I lost my brother-in-law's dog today. The dog was running loose in the area inside the gate when I opened the gate to let the water-delivery guy in. After a few seconds (the water-delivery guy was a bit slow coming in, and I was VERY slow because I didn't even think to look to see if the dog was in its cage), the dog (a brown mini-pinscher) ran out the gate and started running down the street.

I had timmy in my arms, and as it was early in the morning (well for me 8AM is pretty early) I was in shorts, t-shirt and feet (i.e., not even slippers/flip-flops on my feet).

I couldn't catch the dog (apart from the fact that he was all excited and running about, I had timmy in my arms).

So he ran off, I took some time to give timmy to sol and to get proper footwear, and by the time I got out again he was gone. I walked around looking for him, and then I drove around on my motorcycle looking for him. Couldn't find him though. I'm sad that he's gone. I didn't much like him myself, but my brother-in-law was very attached to him, so it's sort of like funerals. One is happy that someone is with God, but unhappy that someone [possibly someone else] is unhappy because of the loss.

Crepe. I wish I'd been more mindful this morning.


Bo's Cafe

I'm at Bo's cafe in Cagayan de Oro. There are several. I'm at the one on Velez street. They've got free wifi, but you need to get a login/password when you buy something, and the authorization times out after (I think) 30 minutes.

This sucks. Now I need to download my email over the vpn in 30 minutes. I can't do things in a leisurely manner, so now I'm going to saturate their bandwidth as much as possible because I need to get done within the timeout. That's not even antisocial behavior because this policy pisses me off. It's just practicality. I need to suck as much data down as I can while the connection is available.

On the other hand, *this* post is here because the policy pisses me off :-). I don't come to CDO very often, so it'll be a while before I can correct this post if the policy changes, and if I notice, if I come back to Bo's. Frankly, that's not too likely since apparently other restaurants and bars in CDO do provide free and unencumbered wifi. I'm going to one of those, but I won't mention names until I actually test the service.

I'm looking at the bandwidth load I'm putting on the link and the link seems to be relatively unstable. In any case nload indicates that I get speeds between 5kBps and 50kBps but it's more on the low end. This is at 10AM on a Sunday with no one else using the wifi here as far as I can tell. I can't get any sustained downloads (but that's because I'm downloading POP3 email over the vpn, the small email sizes make tcp setup and teardown much larger parts of the equation). Hmmm, let me try a youtube video.

OK, bandwidth is pretty good then. With a youtube video downloading, nload says it was able to sustain downloads at around 70kBps.


So there's a great story about how an innocent chef who was in London at the time he was accused of working for Al Qaeda was released from Guantanamo for lack of evidence. The chef comes out a hero. The governments of the USA and Great Britain come out as great villains.

The government of Great Britain had solid proof that the US accusations of Al Qaeda ties were completely false, but it wouldn't release the evidence, so Ahmed Errachidi stayed in Guantanamo, tortured and dehumanized for years.

Daily, those two formerly great governments create hate, they weaken themselves by demonstrating how morally bankrupt they are.

Personally, I'm waiting for the nuclear bombardment of Iran to complete the process and for the USA to uncloak itself as, ironically, the whore of Babylon.

I'm hoping it won't happen (the nuclear bombardment I mean, there's not much else to do or hope about the second, it's already clear to any who can see), but there's less hope of that every day.