No gifts

This year I have even fewer gifts for people than normal. I rarely give gifts because I don't give mindless gifts. If there isn't anything that I particularly like for someone, then they're not going to get a gift. This year, with baby Timmy keeping sol and I busy, I don't even have a gift for sol because I just haven't been able to find the time to find something good for her.

Fortunately, I'm not bound by any traditions, so I don't mind giving gifts after the occasion, or for no occasion at all :-). So Sol will probably get something, it'll just take a while, and we need to circulate so I can see something good :-).

We'll be treating ourselves to the Neo Spa at The Fort this weekend. We've done that before, we had gift certificates from our best friends at Q Software Research. This time, we're treating ourselves. We had such a great time last time, we want to go there again. The only thing it needs, I think, is a mixed-sex steam room. As it is, we can't chat in the steam room, but everything else is perfect.

But that's not the gift. Maybe we can go to Davao for a four-day weekend :-). THAT would be the gift :-).

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