FBI knew about the torture at Guantanamo

The FBI knew about the torture at Guantanamo. They didn't do anything about it though. Looks like they wouldn't even have told anyone about it except for a Freedom of Information action. And even then, they only provide information that is already available elsewhere (they say). So, there's more? Maybe videos of someone shivering due to hypothermia, except it's not covered by the FOIA suit?

One of the people I provide software development consulting services for told me that he'd like me to come over to the U.S. for a short while for marketing purposes. I told him I'd rather not go there. Certainly not while GW Bush is still president, and probably not for another 5 to 10 years after that. I don't know any Al Qaeda (or even any muslims at all, actually) but the human rights situation over there, for non-citizens is sufficiently scary that I have no intention of being beaten, frozen, thawed, drowned, drugged just because I've been posting (here and elsewhere) truths which contradict that zone of total unreality in the White House.

When the war crimes tribunals come for George Bush, and (in a parallel universe where justice actually prevails), he's hanged. Will he be able to die with the same dignity as Saddam? Hussein was vile and evil, no doubt about it. But he died well. I doubt George W can do so well. What a shame upon his father that man is (not that George Bush I was all that great shakes, the man who said "I love your adherence to democracy" to Ferdinand Marcos).

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