Laptopping, Dancing

We bought Timmy a play laptop since he kept wanting to type on our real laptops.

And some days he's in a dancing mood.


America has no enemies...

except the ones it's making in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the United States of Arrogance wants to have its own way, and it'll kill, torture, rape civilians, women, children and the occasional bad guy) so that it can maintain its imploding standard of living.

Go home, America. And stay there.


Easy composting

That is cool. I'd love to have the Plus edition. It'd be great if it composted diapers too. Timmy generates a lot of those, and we'll have more with the new baby on the way. Unfortunately, I don't see any mention of composting diapers. And even if they could handle diapers, I'm sure they can't take the volume generated by one baby :-).