2007 Vacation - Cagayan de Oro and Balingoan Ferry

I know, we just went to subic and we go out of town every once in a while (less often now that timmy is around), but this year's big vacation was the 6-17Jun trip to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin.

It was timmy's first airplane ride and he was great

My parents' house in Cagayan de Oro has a great screened but wide open area for Timmy's morning sun greeting

We didn't have a perfectly fixed plan for Cagayan de Oro. We thought about taking a side trip to Davao, we love going there. We didn't do that though since the trip is very long, over the mountain, and we didn't want to find out how Timmy was going to handle a six hour bus ride. We thought we'd go to Duka Bay too, for some sun, sand and diving. We were enjoying lounging around in Cagayan de Oro though, and cancelled that. Originally we thought we'd stay two nights there. Then one night. Then a day trip. Then we didn't go. Next time, for sure.

We stayed in Cagayan for a several days so Timmy had a lot of chances to be charming.

After five days in Cagayan de Oro, we finally left for Camiguin. Sol and I have been looking forward to this trip for months and it was great to finally be on the move.

We left a bit early though, so Timmy was a bit out of sorts.

When we got to the ferry boat for Camiguin though, Timmy had recovered and was happy again.

On the way to Camiguin we didn't visit the farm at Balingoan. We planned to do that on the way back.

Balingoan is a quiet little port. There's a little island just off the pier at Balingoan. On certain days when the tide is very low, it almost seems as if you could walk over. It's also very common to point to that little island and say that's Camiguin. It confuses first timers.

The boat trip across to Camiguin takes an hour to an hour and a half (depending on direction of waves, weather, and maintenance of the ship you're on), so there were some photo-ops for Timmy.

The trip takes a while, and Timmy got sleepy

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