Oh, No! Little Einsteins on DVD

After publishing First Amazon Purchase, I realized that Timmy's favorite TV shows are probably available on DVD too. So I searched for "Little Einsteins DVD" on Amazon. Unfortunately, all the DVDs there are Region 1 only. Searching on .co.nz sites finds the same DVDs. I won't buy any yet. He gets a healthy twice daily dose (once in the morning, and once in the afternoon, fortunately, neither conflicts with naptime) of Little Einsteins now, over SkyTV.

He does love that show though, he now says "Oh no!" incessantly, because of it, he sings the theme song when the show is on, and repeats much else that he hears there (Oh, no! it's too high!). We may buy the DVDs at some point. But not soon. Maybe a year or a year and a half after John Christian comes into the world.

First amazon purchase

I ordered a few books and a CD from Amazon today. That's the first Amazon order I've ever made. Likely it won't be the last. For technical books, particularly, not everything is connyveniently available in New Zealand, and even with shipping, Amazon is often still less expensive than buying locally.

The reason I ordered from Amazon is because we borrowed a book from the library that Timmy really likes. It's mainly because of that book (Jo Moon's "Making Letters") that, at 23 months, Timmy has now memorized all of the alphabet. Well, we've shown him lots of letter books, so he's been learning the alphabet for months now. And certainly he learned a lot of the letters from playing with his Laughtop. But "Making Letters" completed the process, and he loves reading it every night.

It was time to return the book to the library, so we needed our own copy.

We also bought other books in the series (Making Numbers and Making Shapes).

Since I was ordering from Amazon already, I went ahead and ordered a Spring book, and sol wanted a CD by Mary-Kathryn. There were several available at Amazon (and in fact, Perfect Gift wasn't in stock), but I didn't want to grab them all. So I selected one, and if Sol likes it, we'll grab the others.