home today - dizzy

I stayed home today instead of going to work. Partly it was because Sol had to go to a church function that was going to take the whole day and the early evening and we're between nannys, so I had to be home to help take care of Timmy. My mother-in-law is great with Timmy, but she can't (and shouldn't) be a full time nanny to Timmy.

Since I was home, and I'd taken my time about buying some medicine (Myonal) prescribed by my HMO doctor for back pain, I went ahead and bought that. I took one and experienced quick relief from the back pain. Unfortunately, it also made me a little dizzy and light headed. I think it's because I took it on an empty stomach. I'll take one more tomorrow, right after a meal and see how that works out. If I still get lightheaded, well, I'll have to stop taking it.

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Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. said...

Happy Birthday, Sir! Hope you won't get light headed today ;)