subic outing - Election weekend

Q Software Research (QSR) has an annual outing for its consultants. Sol and I got to know each other when she and I coordinated and planned the 2004 outing to Cagayan de Oro (whitewater rafting, canopy walk, night cafe, marang) and Camiguin (Tarzan's, white island, round the island tour, katibawasan falls, ardent hot springs, santo nino cold spring pool, etc). I've got pictures of a lot of that. I need to post those pictures sometime.

This year we went to Subic and stayed at a hotel.

We're all getting much more sedate and civilized in our old age.

We enjoyed the hotel a lot. It wasn't five star, but we're not five star types anyway.

Timmy got a lot of sun on the beach:

Of course there were breaks from the sun too,

Timmy wakes up too early for me sometimes.

And then he gets a bath.

It's sufficiently convenient now to upload images to photobucket and to add them to this blog that I'd do a lot more of it tonight, but I'm rerunning my program to auto-convert all our pics to blog and upload friendly sizes and there are enough images that I might as well go to bed. It'll be done tomorrow.

OK, converting completed in an hour and a half. Midnight now though, I'll do more photoblogging tomorrow instead of tonight.

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