I was confused because 3 or 4 people greeted me a happy birthday today, Jen from davao, Chris from camiguin, Gamie, at work, brent, and myna.

I couldn't understand why everyone was greeting me since it's not my birthday. Finally, sol told me what the deal was. I'd set my birthday in Friendster to 3 July. That's not my real birthday, but it's an anniversary more significant than my birthday and less significant than 8 May.

Heck, I thought it was some online spam generating scam website where I might have registered and told it my birthday and a few of my friends. But no, this was entirely my fault, right here.

I think it's pretty funny :-). If I get birthday greetings on 10Feb I'll think it's funny too. But less so, because more obscure and superseded by events.

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