lost dog

I lost my brother-in-law's dog today. The dog was running loose in the area inside the gate when I opened the gate to let the water-delivery guy in. After a few seconds (the water-delivery guy was a bit slow coming in, and I was VERY slow because I didn't even think to look to see if the dog was in its cage), the dog (a brown mini-pinscher) ran out the gate and started running down the street.

I had timmy in my arms, and as it was early in the morning (well for me 8AM is pretty early) I was in shorts, t-shirt and feet (i.e., not even slippers/flip-flops on my feet).

I couldn't catch the dog (apart from the fact that he was all excited and running about, I had timmy in my arms).

So he ran off, I took some time to give timmy to sol and to get proper footwear, and by the time I got out again he was gone. I walked around looking for him, and then I drove around on my motorcycle looking for him. Couldn't find him though. I'm sad that he's gone. I didn't much like him myself, but my brother-in-law was very attached to him, so it's sort of like funerals. One is happy that someone is with God, but unhappy that someone [possibly someone else] is unhappy because of the loss.

Crepe. I wish I'd been more mindful this morning.

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