So there's a great story about how an innocent chef who was in London at the time he was accused of working for Al Qaeda was released from Guantanamo for lack of evidence. The chef comes out a hero. The governments of the USA and Great Britain come out as great villains.

The government of Great Britain had solid proof that the US accusations of Al Qaeda ties were completely false, but it wouldn't release the evidence, so Ahmed Errachidi stayed in Guantanamo, tortured and dehumanized for years.

Daily, those two formerly great governments create hate, they weaken themselves by demonstrating how morally bankrupt they are.

Personally, I'm waiting for the nuclear bombardment of Iran to complete the process and for the USA to uncloak itself as, ironically, the whore of Babylon.

I'm hoping it won't happen (the nuclear bombardment I mean, there's not much else to do or hope about the second, it's already clear to any who can see), but there's less hope of that every day.

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