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Matt Taibbi has a very funny article in Rolling Stone. I don't have any particular preference among American politicians, although anyone who can kick GW Bush out of office is good for the world, but this article puts Matt Taibbi in my RSS reader because the writing is freaking hilarious

Throw a guy who can speak like that against the list of likely Democratic candidates in 2008 -- a sorry collection of human saline drips that included Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd -- and Obama could fucking walk to the nomination, even if he chose a page from the Betty Crocker cookbook as his stump speech.

When Hillary Clinton spouts a cliche, it's four words long, she's reading it off a teleprompter, and it hits the ear like the fat part of a wooden oar.


Even when Hillary announced she was running for president, she sounded like she was ordering coffee. Obama, on the other hand, can close his eyes and the cliches just pour out of his mouth in huge polysyllabic paragraphs, like Rachmaninoff improvisations. In this sense he's exactly like Bill Clinton, who had the same gift. He is exactly what is meant by the term bullshit artist.

Crepe. I see no RSS feed to just the Low Post. It might be in there somewhere. Or maybe available only to subscribers. I'll probably just add an entry to Memo to Me to remind me to look there every few months :-)

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