Baguio and Panagbenga

I'll be in Baguio this weekend. The software developers and business analysts at $DAYJOB are going up for a weekend break.

I had hoped that sol and timmy could come along. Originally they wouldn't because we'd be travelling by bus. Since we'd be travelling when timmy normally would do his level best to produce more stool than the previous night, we were worried about having to wait an hour or two for the next rest stop before we could clean him up. Some nights, he produces so much he overflows his diapers. We're very glad that his alimentary systems work wonderfully, but it's a concern on long trips.

After a few days of thinking about it, I had sol convinced that we'd be able to handle it. We could probably convince the driver to stop for 3 minutes while we cleaned timmy up :-).

We were planning to stay at the Baguio Microtel In. We've stayed there before and we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, that's Panagbenga, the Baguio Flower Festival. Microtel is fully booked and everything else is going to be fully booked too. So no nice hotels for us.

That probably means that Sol and Timmy won't come along. We'll be staying in a dormitory. It's clean, cheap and convenient. But it's not a hotel and while it'd be great for Sol and I, I don't think we'll be comfortable with having Timmy stay there with us. That's too bad, it would be a great vacation.

I'll call around to some more hotels tomorrow and Friday, maybe we can find something good and Sol and Timmy might still be able to make it.

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