If you starve, bomb and humiliate... what do you think is going to happen?

There's a blog entry on an accurate but sensitive memo on Israel and its treatment of the palestinians.

My favorite quote:

If you start, bomb and humiliate the Palestinian people relentlessly for close to a year, all the while blaming the Hamas government and arming Fatah, what do you is going to happen?

It's my favorite quote because it captures the essence of the situation. Israel approaches South Africa at the height of apartheid. A few more generations of the cultivation of hate and Israel will be Nazi Germany. And the U.S.A. will have abetted all of this because it won't witness to the truth, instead bowing down to its powerful pro-Israel lobby (including the Left Behind cultists who want to create war because it validates their "theology of tribulation").

That's not inevitable. Israelis (and Jews all over the world) may see themselves and their actions in a mirror and revolt. But in the meantime, there will be a lot more dehumanization and death. I hope the change of heart happens sooner rather than later. It doesn't seem likely though. I mourn for the dead on all sides, but also for the living, for what they do to their souls.

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