baguio fruits

I was in baguio this last weekend. All of my software development team (there are only 3 of us) and some other people (contractor, business analysts, some random friends) at work went too.

On Sunday, getting ready to go back to Manila, we went to the market (and elsewhere) to buy things to bring back. I bought 3 kilos of strawberries and 2 kilos of Sagada oranges. I would post pictures, but I ate them all already (well, with some help from family :-). No one is interested in pictures of the insides of my stomach. And anyway, the strawberries aren't even in me anymore :-).

Everything was incredibly good. The strawberries were perfect and the Sagada oranges are indescribable. I used to ignore them since I didn't know how good they were. From now on I'm going to buy more oranges than strawberries, even though the strawberries are less expensive :-).

I brought 2 kilos of Baguio longaniza too. Two different kinds. We had the less fatty one the other day. It was very, very good. Sweeter and less garlicky than Vigan longaniza. Normally I don't like sweet, and I love garlic. But this was really very good. I'm bringing back a lot more of that too, when I go to Baguio next.

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