escape for an evening

There's an anonymous post on www.thisisby.us on the pleasures and considerations involved in an evening out with one's significant other, without a child in tow

That's five years away from where we are now. Or three. or four. It might be a significant factor though, in our not immigrating to New Zealand. Sol and I have applied for NZ, we've spent a whole lot of money on the application and the medical exams. We're about to spend more on Timmy's medical exams. I'm not sure I want to go though. We'll make the decision when NZ makes the decision. In any case, I am thoroughly and truly enjoying my work at $DAYJOB, I have extra work (sidelines, we call them, in the Philippines) which is sufficiently remunerative that we really don't need to go to NZ to make a good living.

And then there's the dates. In NZ we'd have to rely on ourselves, alone, and maybe the occasional filipino/a friend. There are a lot more of those in NZ than in the U.S., so that would help. Of course one can get babysitters of non-filipino extraction. I doubt if sol would go for that though. In any case, dates are a LOT easier to schedule and setup in the Philippines since our family is here. There's a large support system.

Of course the politicians are corrupt, the police are not only corrupt but also incompetent and there are major quality of life issues that make NZ very attractive. As I say, we'll make that decision when NZ makes the decision. For now, though, partly because of that article, but also because I'm enjoying work so much, I'm currently inclined to stay.

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