you missed two

So the Bush administration hires mercenaries run by some nutjob christian (there are quite a few of those, as there are quite a few in any religion, although there are fewer buddhist nutjobs than other religions have, and perhaps more pagan nutjobs than even christian nutjobs) fanatic. They strut through a foreign country killing people and there's neither oversight nor retribution.

And MarkTheShark on the Daily Kos limits himself to "Impede, impeach and imprison".

That's not enough. Close to (or perhaps more than) half a million Iraqi dead and millions of refugees cleverly created by the anti-christ in the white house and you shrink from penalties that don't fit your alliteration?

No, you missed two. Convict. Execute.

I'd consider torturing Bush and Cheney too, but I'm not an American.

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