Sol's birthday dinner

It's Sol's birthday tomorrow. Dinner tonight is very special. She and her mother are preparing dinner. Mostly it's sol doing the preparing. It's sort of unfair since she really should be able to relax. But she's also the best cook in the house, so she gets to cook.

We've got some lovely tuna sashimi. Sol and I taste tested some and it is very, very good. We're definitely going back to Citra Mina for more.

The ziti is waiting to be baked. The sea bass has already been prepared and is waiting there, maybe it's soaking up spices. It's also waiting to be baked. The blue marlin is now a misono (taste tested personally, very lovely). It's too bad we already had the Metrus Shiraz with apples and cheese last night :-). But there are goodies in the refrigerator, particularly cheeses. We'll make do.

I'm not sure what we're going to have tomorrow. Sol wants steak, so it's probably Outback steakhouse or similar for lunch. Then badminton. I've been informed that I'm to buy the chocolate cake, from Mary Grace. OK, mission clear tomorrow :-). Buy cake, eat cake.

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