The united states of anuses

U.S. mercenaries provide firepower and protection to the U.S. State Department, so the State Department ignores numerous instances where the mercenaries kill civilians. When one mercenary kills the bodyguard of an Iraqi bigshot, INSIDE THE GREEN ZONE, because (from another report), the mercenary needed to kill someone that night, the mercenary is flown out of Iraq and is no longer available for questioning or justice

This has been a consistent pattern of U.S. imperialism. No one gets punished unless the shit hits the fan. Even when the shit hits the fan, no one gets punished unless there is an outcry in the U.S.

There's hardly ever an outcry. And even when there is, it's easily ignored. So Americans rape and kill with impunity. It's not just individuals they rape and kill, it's entire countries and civilizations.

Go home America. And stay the fuck home. Kill your own. Rape your own. Torture each other. But leave the rest of the world alone.

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