good news, bad news

First the bad. Timmy is sick. He's got colds and a cough. Because of the cough he's tired and irritable in the daytime and doesn't sleep for very long at night. He'll recover, of course, but he sounds bad when coughing.

We've been told (by maelene, his aunt-pediatrician) to give him medicine. I forget exactly what everything is, but there's a nebulizer, and solmux, and something else. All treat the symptoms only. But that's because the cough will go away by itself, we just need to suppress the symptoms so that timmy (and his parents) aren't too stressed out by the coughing.

I almost didn't go to work yesterday because I wanted to be home to help out. Went to work though. Today, it's similar. Going to work though, after this post.

On the good news side, we've got our invitation to apply for immigration to NZ. It's been a long process, but I've been glad of that. This way, the schedule works out pretty well. We have 3 months to actually lodge the application. And once that's accepted (probably within a week of application, NZ Immigration is frighteningly efficient) we'll have a month or so to make the trip. I hope we can stay in the Philippines up to 3 months after the application is accepted. I'd like to finish up some things at work. We'll see what happens though. In any case, we'll be in NZ by March, certainly, or maybe a little earlier.

There's still the option of sol going over and finding work and timmy and I staying in Manila until sol is stable. That would be much the more practical choice (financially). I don't think it's likely that we'll do that though, unless money is extraordinarily tight. And it's unlikely that things will be that tight then.

It's Wednesday now. Timmy is still sick and the weather is bad. I'm working remote.

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