Michael Gerson is a lying bastard

In a Washington Post article, Michael Gerson holds up the Bush administration as one that "has placed human rights at the center of his foreign policy agenda in unprecedented ways"

Apparently leaving other countries to decide their own government (Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq) and, more important, leaving the citizens alive instead of raping the women, killing the women, children and all men of military age in an area are efforts toward defending human rights.

Michael Gerson is a lying bastard. Possibly a more dangerous one than that other lying bastard Charles Krauthammer. More dangerous because he isn't foaming at the mouth and talking about how great it would be to ethnically cleanse and kill all the ragheads.

Both Gerson and Krauthammer have infinities to spend in hell, being raped repeatedly and continuously by the heroes whose nether regions they are so avidly licking now.

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