There's an ongoing flame-war on whether there's any truth to the story of a CIA plane loaded with 3.2 tons of cocaine that crashed in the Yucatan after being chased by Mexican helicopters

For instance, tommywotats says:
a gulfstream wouldn't even get off the ground with 3.2 tons of payload. writer is an asshat.

I'm tempted to say that anything and anyone loaded with 3.2 tons of cocaine can do ANYTHING. Unfortunately, I don't actually know anything about cocaine or any other illegal drugs (except for the fact that, uh, they're illegal). I'm an Uber Cool High Nerd, not a stoner, so all I can do is spout untested epigrams, witticisms, and the occasional solecism.

Or try to. Hehehehe.

OK, so plane was used for CIA renditions, but has since been sold several times and fell into the hands of someone who was probably always running drugs. But then I didn't say ANYTHING about the CIA running drugs above :-). I'm just saying, anything loaded with 3.2 tons of cocaine can do ANYTHING!!! :-). hahahaha.

MEMO to George W Bush. If you invade Mexico now, you can get that 3.2 tons of cocaine. And then you'll be able to do ANYTHING!!!!

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