birthday week dinners

It's my birthday week (I never give my real birthday anywhere). And that link can cause some confusion.

Now it really is my birthday week though, and sol and I came up with a great idea. I'm going to have a weeklong family dinner party :-). Last Monday was Pork and Beans night. That's always been my favorite. My mother used to make gallons of home made pork and beans and freeze it. I'd then eat it over a week or two.

Last night was clam chowder night. Sol made the best clam chowder she has ever made and I ate a heck of a lot of that last night, and then again for breakfast :-).

Tonight I think might be pho night, but I'm not sure.

Saturday is japanese night, so it'll be sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi and tempura night. No sake though, I drank that two years ago :-).

It's saturday now. We just had japanese night. It was wonderful. I think I ate too much. Which is surprising. I didn't think you could do that with japanese food. But of course I'm wrogn there. I just haven't had enough sushi and sashimi in front of me before :-). Naw, I've had this happen before, at Saisaki :-).

Anyway, Friday night *was* Pho night. This has been a wonderful week. Sol is exhausted from all the preparations though.

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Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. said...

Have a Happy Birthweek Sir!