Do you write anti-american material?

Traveller to the United States is asked by U.S. customs if he writes anti-american material.

So, that's it. I'm not going to the U.S. for at least another ten years, maybe more. Although, feckless as the Democrats tend to be, there'll probably be another idiot Republican in the White House in ten years, so more likely, I'm not going to the United States in this lifetime.

Oh, so Samar Mazloum is probably either Lebanese or Canadian, or (more likely) has dual-citizenship).

I was wondering what the customs officers would have done to her if she were an american. But if she's not even a U.S. citizen though, then she could just have been deported.


Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. said...

i've seen in Discovery Channel that if you say something pro-terrorist on your site, you too are considered a terrorist. i think they are have been very paranoid since 9/11.

Samar said...

Yeah I am dual citizen. And I was only at the airport on transit to Canada, I thought that would have made it the Canadians problem not the Americans (that's if there even was a problem)

Bopolissimus X Platypus said...

Thanks for posting Samar. I have no idea how you saw my reference to your article. I'm a bit of a geek, but I don't pay attention much to how trackbacks work and such. Someday I should try to understand how that works.