growth spurt

Timmy had previously (a week ago and before that), slept through the night from bedtime (7PM) to too early for me (around 5:30AM). A few months ago, sol and I read about how sometimes infants will have a growth spurt and (we assumed the obvious) would require more food for that spurt, the logic being a convoluted version of Newton's third law of motion.

Several times between 2 months and 6 months he'd wake up at night for a week at a time and cry. One of us would utter the key words ("growth spurt"), and the other would make the milk (no, it's not real milk, it's baby formula).

Most of the time, these last few months he sleeps pretty soundly all through the night. Lately though he'd been waking up precisely at midnight. Sol would give him milk (we've got an electric milk heater, it's on her side, and what with the effects of sleep on the Quimpo metabolism, no one should trust me around any sort of electric heating element, particularly one that requires putting water into it).

It seems that the growth spurt is done for now though. He slept through the night last night, and it's 12:30 and I've not heard him crying. Either it was a growth spurt, or he just wanted more than the six ounces of milk he was getting before bedtime. He's now getting 7 ounces, possibly that's getting him through the night. We're going to have to get new bottles when he gets to eight ounces or more.

He's going to be a giant of a boy though because we indulge his growth spurts and he eats enough cereal (real cereal, not this ordure that gets processed with all sorts of sugars and chemicals) and chicken (real chicken... oh you know the drill) that he's already about the size of the average filipino one-year-old. I'm wondering if he'll get big enough (and neckless enough) to be one of the All Blacks.

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