New Bombay

Sol treated the family to lunch two sundays ago. We had always been curious about the New Bombay restaurant along Wilson in Greenhills and had heard rave reviews of the chicken tikka masala at a going away party a few nights before, so we decided to try it out.

I wasn't sure what time the restaurant would open. I was pretty confident it'd be open for lunch, but confidence is not the same as certainty. Fortunately, google is my friend and a quick search found a positive review of New Bombay along with a phone number. We got all excited about the food though, and since the review indicated that the restaurant would be open by 1:30PM (sol got confused about the "closes at 12:30AM part, but she got deconfused pretty quickly), I didn't call anymore.

At the time I didn't see Toni's review of New Bombay so we weren't forewarned to expect that the service would be slow and a bit confused. The food was very good though, and to be fair the service wasn't terrible, it just wasn't great (as it is, for instance, in the competing Queens Crystal Garden Restaurant on Jupiter. I expect that sol and I will try the H. dela Costa branch now instead of going back to the flashier, but badly-served Wilson branch.

I think my mother-in-law was a bit overwhelmed by the spiciness of the food, but she enjoyed it (particularly the mutton dish, I think it was the Mutton Rohan Josh).

I would love to go back to Queens. It's very comfortable, the staff are good and the food is *very* good. We had some sticker-shock though when we last had dinner there. But we're over that, it's time to go back :-).

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