Rain and Timmy

It's been rainy the last few days. I actually ran out of pants to wear to work because everytime I'd come home at night my pants would be soaked through (I drive a motorcycle to work and back). Worse than that, all of my usable work shoes were soaked through too (one of them in disgusting flood water that's indistinguishable from sewer water).

So yesterday (Wednesday) I stayed home because I had nothing to wear to work :-). This was fortuitous too since timmy's nanny

had to go to Cagayan de Oro to resolve a family emergency. I'm low on cash, so we didn't send her on the plane. And it takes 2 days to travel by boat. She'll be out for a week, so she'll be back this weekend.

So, since it was raining and difficult/dangerous to go to work, I stayed home to take care of timmy. I was supposed to do some version control work too, but I didn't get more than started on that since the version control server is at work and I had to download so much data on what turned out to be a relatively slow line (limited at the office, I think, since other downloads were very fast) that I had to play all kinds of rsync tricks to get the whole copy (around 2GB) done in a few hours rather than a few days.

As it happens, the version control work I have to do involves cutting down the size of the working copies (by reorganizing things) so that they'll take less space and a LOT less time to check out or update. This is for the whole tree though. The main working branch isn't that large, but because of the way we do branching, the whole tree gets very large. I need to cut that down. Or switch to git-svn, of course, but that project is on hold for a bit.

My other version control project involves getting SourceGear Vault (demo) up and running. This is so we can test it out and when we're sure we like it, I can get the procurement process moving. Testing it out goes very slowly though since I'm not really into Windows and I've tried to setup three different vmware machines now and I keep missing something so it never quite works right. I'm on my fourth vmware machine now and I'm going to make this last effort work.

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