Wow, Crepe

Wow, Ken Silverstein, in Harper's magazine quotes.

It's never pleasant to favorably cite Robert Novak. “Beneath the asshole,” Michael Kinsley once said of him, “is a very decent guy, and beneath the very decent guy is an asshole.”

I'm irritated by Novak, but now I'll never be able to use that beautiful line against Krauthammer who is even more an asshole than I've ever seen Novak be.

Hmmm, I see that there's a lament Why, oh Why does Charles Krauthammer Get Published by a Respectable Newspaper? with the money quote:

Chuck Krauthammer is a pseudo-intellectual hack; like so many right-wing "thinkers", his appeal comes from his ability to use long words in the service of arguments that would be transparently stupid to an eight year old.

I wouldn't work that hard. The man is an asshole, that's all. There's a lot of bile in that asshole, but not much else. Anyone who believes what he says is either an asshole or too stupid to be worth anything. Or both.

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