Why GW Bush isn't going to hell

Here's why George W Bush isn't going to hell. It's a poster in New Zealand that says "Hell. Too good for some evil bastards." with a picture of GW Bush in it.

I saw this long ago and it certainly strengthened my desire to immigrate to NZ, where freedom still rings and where they don't oppress and kill other people just because they have weapons they need to test and war profiteers they need to fatten.

Also, the immigration process has been incredibly professional and it's nice to see an immigration policy that is reason based (based on the needs of the accepting country) rather than incredibly dysfunctional, as in the U.S.

In later news, there have been some complaints about the advertisement but the coverage, and the decision are similarly reason-based and reasonable. The advertisement fails some parts of the Advertising code but not all parts referred to in complaints.

The defense is serious:

Cinderella (the company that owns the pizza chain being advertised -- ed) told the board the billboard was erected to capitalise on the growing sense of outrage that was building around the invasion of Iraq and the role George Bush had played.

"We believe, and given the even greater opposition to the war in Iraq and George Bush's plummeting popularity among voters in the US, that the billboard was not only socially responsible, but incredibly prescient given events that have unfolded subsequently," the agency said.

and, amusing:

"As it stands, George W could certainly fit within the genus of bastard identified as a `Bad bastard' (bastardus skullduggerus), or arguably for a subgroup of this particular type of bastard – the `real bad bastard' – although that is not for us to say," the agency said.

If they let my family in, I'm going to so enjoy NZ.

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