anti-war christians protest in DC

wow, finally. some christians are against the war and protest against it in D.C.

How about some Gandhian tactics, have some ten thousand christians walk over to the white house and be arrested? Are there any christians out there willing to be tortured and probed internally for, ahh, illegal items stored in their internal cavities? (even if there aren't any).

Any Christians out there willing to be tortured for the love of God?

Not that I care, really. Those people are Americans. Some of them might be mistreated, but as a practical matter, almost none of them will be tortured or mistreated since they're not going to stay indefinitely in jail.

It's a good thing, though, that there might be SOME thinking going on in America. Every day that thinking goes on perhaps decreases the time toward when there will be no more torture in Guantanamo (well, one can HOPE, right?) and no more murder or imprisonment of everyone above 5 feet or so in Iraq (U.S. forces used to dragnet a whole neighborhood and arrest and imprison everyone above 5 feet tall, now they just let their Iraqi alternates do the job, the Iraqis torture and kill the targets IN PLACE rather than waiting for them to be brought to jail, where the witnesses can be controlled).

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GoAwayPlease said...

I do wish
all the warmongers could realise
that I can be anti-war
WITHOUT DISRESPECTING any of the individual soldiers serving.

the bee in my bonnet is the corporations making millions from making bombs.

peace and love from brownie