Mamang's birthday

Tomorrow is my mother-in-law's birthday.

We've got a gift, Timmy has a gift, and we're having taco salad and either two roast chickens or, more likely, one roast chicken and one baked chicken a la Manang. I've got a bottle of Inglenook's California Red (an unassuming but comfortable wine). I had a big pack of Tostitos, but we piled into that a bit early tonight (this is separate from last night's big pack of Tostitos :-), so we'll just have half of it for tomorrow. It'll be a good accent on the taco salad though, and we've got some cheaper taco shells to round out the taco salad. Sol made a lovely garden fresh salsa yesterday from fresh produce from the market. We'll have the same tomorrow. Yum.

We bought mild gouda, mozzarela and parmesan cheese today, which reminds me that we'll also have baked ziti, woohoo!!!

I have GOT to leave work early tomorrow :-). Which means I've got to end this post so I can get to bed early, wake up early, and get to work early. It's all connected, maaaahhhn.

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