That was a mistake

An American colonel commits suicide (or perhaps was murdered by money-grubbing contractors who were stealing the U.S. blind) because he thought it would reduce his dishonor. That was a mistake. Killing himself (or allowing himself to be killed by contractors he had already put on notice for stealing U.S. government materiel) doesn't do much. It didn't even make the news until recently. And the Republican Army of the United States continues its whitewash, perhaps because general officers were criticized in (what was probably) his suicide note.

No, no. Don't shoot yourself, dumbass (yes you're dead, and you went through intense pain to get to the point of probably killing yourself, but see the ff, it was a dumbass thing to do). This enemy (your own leadership, and your own government) are insensitive to your death. Killing yourself does nothing. Better to attack. Always attack. Your leadership is insensitive to anything except their own pain. You need to make them feel that pain until they learn. If they won't learn to do the right, at least hurt them enough so that they'll shy away from doing the wrogn.

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