Israel is a mirror image of its patron, the U.S.A.

Israeli forces killed almost triple the number of Palestinian children in 2006 than they did the year before (141 compared to 52

Israel needs to be boycotted. The only people who should go to Israel are jews (it's their country, they should certainly go there if they want to), evangelical Christians who want to see it before it's blown up (could be a long wait, but evangelicals think it's going to be soon, in fact quite a lot of them are PRAYING for it to be soon), and other christians who aren't praying for Israel to be blown away anytime soon, but who don't care that the host country is almost (but not quite) as evil as South Africa ever was back in its apartheid days.

The United States, by giving Israel billions of dollars which Israel then uses to punish civilians and kill children is complicit in all this. Generally, and as much as possible, the U.S.A. should also be boycotted until it stops supporting evil regimes and, in fact, doing evil itself, all over the world. Let it do evil within its own borders, that's it's own business. But where it goes overseas and kills innocents there, it needs to be abused and scorned until it learns its lesson. Or at least until it retreats to its own borders.

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