Misleading Reddit (digg too) headlines

I saw these Dawkins quotes pointed to from reddit (and, I think maybe from Digg too, but I wasn't paying attention) as

The Most Brilliant Anti-Religious Quotation by Richard Dawkins

The link has *many* quotes. So I'm not sure which one the reddit reporter meant. Likely though, he just missed an s. There are more than 400 comments as I type, but a quick scan doesn't show anyone pointing out the missing letter. Looks like everyone cares about the substance of the site rather than the copy-editing skills of the reddit reporter.

I'd care about the substance too, but Dawkins is just an atheist evangelical/fundamentalist. Anyone that extreme is to be treated to the business end of a ten foot pole until they stop foaming at the mouth. That goes for religious evangelical/fundamentalists too. To be fair, I haven't yet been exposed to the rabid kind, only to filipino evangelical types. They're more polite and far more sensitive to my lack of interest, so I haven't had to take out the ten foot pole yet, just practice my matrix skills.

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