Don't go there

you're muslim, don't go to the U.S., unless you're a moron.

So they took your laptop. You didn't know they could do that? They don't have to return it to you. Don't go to the U.S. if you're muslim. Don't bring a laptop or anything you can't afford to lose if you go to the U.S. (particularly if you're muslim, but that's not a requirement, they can take your computer and not give it back regardless of your religion).

This is a government that is proud to have avoided a vote on Israel's attack on Lebanon so that the Israelis could kill more children and destroy the infrastructure of that country. This is a government that takes canadian citizens and exports them to foreign countries that will torture them (unless, of course, it chooses to torture them itself, in which case it will export them to Guantanamo or to torture chambers in Kirghiztan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Poland). Heck, this is a government that takes its own citizens and tortures them regardless of constitutional rights.

Don't go where the government is evil, man. Unless you're a moron, of course. It doesn't seem like you are. Just ignorant, are you? Well, now you know. Don't go there.

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