kris aquino as spokesmodel

Sol and I were at the Gateway in Cubao today. We had spent the previous hour or so buying short sleeved button down shirts for work. This is something we do perhaps once a year. I wear clothes for convenience, and to protect the sanity of the public, so I don't much care if people notice that I wear the same 5 shirts every single week.

In any case, we were walking by the Bench store (or something, maybe it was some other store, fashion is a stupidity and I don't waste cycles on it) and I said that there were some nice clothes on display (maybe they were for men, perhaps they were for women, this was a detail too shallow to be worth remembering, so I forgot it instantly). I thought it might be nice to go in there and look at some shirts.

And then I noticed some posters with Kris Aquino in them (with, I think, her boyfriend of the moment). We walked on by. I can't stand that woman. She's written some things that indicate that there is something inside that head besides air. But when she opens her mouth she sounds like a filipina valley girl. That is, possibly smart, certainly privileged enough to speak english flawlessly, but with such an affected accent that, frankly, I can't stand to hear her say anything. smarts, and privilege don't preclude stupidity. Affectation, particularly affectation that works too hard to sound rich and valley girly (in a filipina way, in this case) is stupidity too profound for me to ignore.

Kris Aquino has a great deal of appeal to the poor and middle class, who ache to emulate her affectation and her white skin (the one a stupidity all of her own making, the other a feature she inherited from her parents, neither a virtue she earned). Nothing of her public persona appeals to me, however. If anything, I am repelled by everything she shows the world. I'm repelled enough that I will never buy anything she endorses (that I hear about, anyway, I may buy one or two items she endorses since I don't know she endorses them).

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