recent timmy photos

Some recent pictures of timmy are at timmy's new album

I thought I could link to those from blogger. The first attempt didn't work though. Possibly that's a timing thing (too soon after posting them). Or, more likely, they're blocking access when the referer is blogger or similar. It's not a big deal, and anyway, I might be mistaken about that and the links will work tomorrow.

Some of the pictures are from daytime playtime. He's just happy around then, so there's some smiling. He got a pooh bear from Brent's SO, Christine (brent has too many friends, can't find christine there :-). so that's where the Pooh bear photos are from.

The rest of the pics, well, timmy is a champion sleeper, as befits his ancestry, as a Quimpo of the Sleeping Quimpos of Cagayan de Oro.

When timmy isn't throwing pooh bear around, he's surrendering to the bear. It's complicated. Mickey does some guard duty too. I had a picture too there where Doraemon, a psychotic japanese cat character is standing guard. I've remove it though, since it's disturbing and might affect the sanity of the unstable.

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