gotta love nuns for peace

I'm all for nuns, but I'm also usually for law and order (although freedom and good sense should trump the law, and where there is doubt, the government should shut up and stay hidden). So I'm a bit conflicted by the nuns for peace.

Throwing blood on a missile silo is so symbolic and impractical it's something only liberals could love.

So the original crime was pointless (IMO). On the other hand, the follow-up is priceless! They won't pay the fine (because money is fungible and would be used to further wars) but they're willing to collect food and other material assistance for military families. And they sent notification of their intention to leave their home state 3 days before departure knowing that the letter wouldn't arrive until after they'd left and

Their probation officers received the letters on Nov. 15, Phillips stated. When he asked the women why they didn’t follow proper procedures, he said they told him they did it on purpose because they knew their request would be denied.

No doubt there's a lot of liberal dain bramage rattling through those nun's heads, but they're certainly doing some good work subverting the stupidities of the military-industrial complex just now.

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