last day

We're leaving for New Zealand tonight. It's been a panicked last few days having lunch with best friends, playing badminton with new good friends, packing things, removing heavy already-packed things (and that's not yet complete), converting USD to NZD (that wasn't completed either, they didn't have enough NZD since we didn't notify them ahead of time, we'll complete when we land) and me giving my last postgresql lecture (CASE WHEN, how indexes work, optimization, explain, explain analyze, ...).

But we're finally almost done. Just a few last items and we leave for the airport in 5 hours or so. 3-4 hours to wait and we'll be on the plane. I hope Timmy is able to sleep on the plane since it's going to be a long 10-11 hours to NZ (including stopover in sydney).

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Alfredo said...

Haere ra!
Ka kite ano!
Ayaw kalimti ang pagbisita sa atong nasud puhon Sir :)